On Being a Mentee

by Nate Williams – Booker High Law Academy, Class of 2022

Being a mentee through this wonderful program has impacted my life so much these past 4 years. Not only did I meet an amazing mentor and gain life advice and knowledge through him, I had opportunities to network with countless judges, lawyers, and other higher ups in the community. I’ve given speeches, attended luncheons and banquets, and even escorted Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Canady around the New College campus. I helped plan, coordinate, and present a moot court exhibition and reception at the end of the day with college administrators, New College students, New College alumni, members of the local judiciary, and Chief Justice Canady. As I reflect upon the last 4 years in this program, I can’t think of one thing that I would have changed or done differently.

I was surrounded with great people and given many chances to learn how to promote myself in a professional setting. This has also opened my eyes to law as a career and to go to law school. Before I entered this program, I never thought I would want to do that. It has really laid down a foundation that will help me build myself and my character to rise through the ranks in any setting that I find myself in. I know that this program will continue to help many students like me to lead successful lives and hopefully make them want to be a mentor to someone in their future, because I know it has done that for me. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me! To my mentor, Mr. David Fugett, I can’t wait for us to stay in contact and for you to help me continue to succeed in life. Thank you very much sir!

Nate Williams with Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Canady

Ready to Empower the Change?

If you are ready to be a mentor: to create the chance for a student to excel, and make good choices which are guided by positive adult interaction, please call us today to learn more about our mentoring program.


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