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Faces of Accomplishment, Inc. (FOA) is a newly formed non-profit organization helping middle and high school students reach higher goals by pairing them with Individual adult mentors and providing avenues to academic and vocational scholarship opportunities in the post-high school environment. FOA operates in collaboration with the support of the Sarasota County School System. The mentor is dedicated to helping their student reach higher goals through better work habits, personal commitment and life skills in a one-on-one environment.

Faces of Accomplishment also offers scholarships to these students to receive college, technical or vocational support to continue their chances for a better future.

Kathy Chamberlain has been named as Executive Director. Kathy’s career spans over 25 years, working directly with students and mentoring programs. Nearly 30 mentors have been approved and are working with students in the nine middle and high schools. A significant number of new Mentor applications are in the screening process.

“Faces of Accomplishment is excited to be introduced to the community,” remarked Chamberlain. We have evidence through experience that this type of program works. In addition to mentoring our ability to offer scholarships is an exciting advantage for our students.

We have been working hard to enhance our school relationships and expand into more schools with more mentors. As the new school year begins this is the perfect time to announce our program and begin recruiting more mentors. Mentors know that the examples they set and the experience they bring to the relationship will guide their students in a positive direction.

One former student commented. “Having had a mentor was a life changing event. Having someone who is wiser and more experienced and wants the best for my development is something for which I will always be thankful.”

FOA mentors must commit to meeting with their student once a week for one school year. All meetings take place at the school, during regular school hours. A mentor’s role is to be a positive force in that child’s life, to be someone in whom they can trust and depend. This is the chance for a student to excel, make good choices and be guided by positive adult experiences. Chamberlain is supported by a Board of Directors focused on offering a program that will give these young people the opportunity to truly be a Face of Accomplishment.

Board of Director, Merrill Bonder, Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors commented, “I know our other Board members share this goal. Kathy Chamberlain is absolutely the right person to direct these efforts and we appreciate her experience. We can and will give these students the tools they need to be successful in life.”

Board Chairman, Chris Jones said, “We are committed to achieving our goals effectively. We want these students to speak for themselves and offer encouragement to others; we know that their hard work and perseverance will pay off. We are absolutely thrilled that Kathy agreed to become the Director of this program.”

Recently a 43 year old man who was a previous student served by the program contacted the mentor he had in high school… “ I recently got in touch with my former mentor via Facebook. I told him how much I appreciated what he did for me. I know how much it has helped me and I am grateful. Mentoring is needed and it shows in the results.” This is one of the many examples of positive life changing successes that FOA mentors will continue to provide.


For more information on Faces of Accomplishment, becoming a mentor or learning how a student may apply for the Scholarship Program,


Kathy Chamberlain, Executive Director at 941-468-7582 or email

Ready to Empower the Change?

If you are ready to be a mentor: to create the chance for a student to excel, and make good choices which are guided by positive adult interaction, please call us today to learn more about our mentoring program.


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