Become a Mentor

You can empower a student and change a life. Faces of Accomplishment mentors must commit to meeting with their student for one hour a week for one school year. All meetings take place at the school during regular school hours. A mentor’s role is to be a positive force in that child’s life and to be someone whom they can trust. This is the chance for a student to excel, make good choices and to be guided by positive adult interaction.

Faces of Accomplishment, Inc. will provide:

Lay of land tour of the designated school

Copy of Training Manual


  • Complete needed paperwork required by the Faces of Accomplishment Program and the Volunteer & Partnership Office of Sarasota County School Board.
    Faces of Accomplishment address: 741 South Orange Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236.
  • Mentors agree to a Level II background check including fingerprinting, criminal history and provide community references.


  • Mentors are provided training and support throughout their engagement with student and meet frequently with other mentors to compare notes.
  • Update mentor information to appointed school “point person”

Each Individual School will provide:

School information, times, rules, bell schedules, etc.

Student Selection:

  • Secure signed parent permission and retain a student file with copies to Faces of Accomplishment. Volunteer & Partnership Office receives a copy of the signed consent form to be part of the mentor application file.

Mentor needs:

  • Meeting locations, sign in location (computer), parking for mentors.

Monthly volunteer hours

Provide Faces of Accomplishment with:

  • Student name
  • Grade
  • Gender
  • Age
Please contact us today to become a mentor and help a student navigate to a better future.

Ready to Empower the Change?

If you are ready to be a mentor: to create the chance for a student to excel, and make good choices which are guided by positive adult interaction, please call us today to learn more about our mentoring program.


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