About Us

Faces of Accomplishment was created to provide mentors for students referred to us by the School Board of Sarasota County, Florida. High school counselors, teachers and principals identify low income and at risk students that appear to be struggling for diverse reasons which causes a sense of hopelessness and lack of motivation to succeed in school.

Faces of Accomplishment offers scholarships to these students to receive college, technical or vocational support to continue their chances for a better future.

Board Members

Chris Jones


Merrill Bonder

Vice Chairman

Terry Williams


Rebekah Parker

Board Member

Mike Hagan

Board Member

Faces of Accomplishment, Inc. is a non-profit organization under IRS Regulations.
501(3)(c) committed to mentoring scholarship support in Sarasota County.

Lets Get Started

If you are ready to make a change in your life, to follow an avenue toward education and success by committing to our mentoring program, contact your school counselor, a teacher or your principal and make the request.

Your school will contact Faces of Accomplishment who will match with you a mentor who is committed to helping you find your talents, abilities and success in the adult world.

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