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High School Mentorship
How Mentoring Works
Students are connected with successful role models that help them navigate a positive future.

Become a Mentor

Sarasota Student Mentorship
Become the Change
Committing to one hour a week and sharing your life’s experiences can make the difference in a student’s future.


Mentorship Scholarships
Invest in Their Futures
Make a Donation to Faces of Accomplishment to support our scholarship program for college, technical or vocational school.

About Our Scholarship Program

Scholarship opportunities are available to students coming through our mentoring program and graduating from high school. The scholarships are available on a wide variety of terms and conditions predicated on a student’s need and program choices. Scholarships are available for both vocational and academic pursuits.

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How Do I Become A Mentor?

Our program was created to provide mentors for at risk students that appear to be struggling causing a sense of hopelessness or lack of motivation to succeed in school. A mentor’s role is to be a positive force in that child’s life and to be someone whom they can trust.
Meet & Match
School Tour
Background Check
Manual & Training
Mentors must commit to meeting with their student for one hour a week for one school year.

Make a difference in a student’s future

Mike Hagan is a retired businessman who decided to become a mentor several years ago and was matched with a Sarasota High School student. In appearance Mike and his student could not be more different, that didn’t phase Mike. He started mentoring Jay once a week during the school day on the school campus. Jay quickly learned that Mike was someone who he could trust and was committed to him. They met for several years while Jay finished his junior and senior year of school with Jay being the first one in his family to graduate from high school.

Ready to Empower the Change?

If you are ready to be a mentor: to create the chance for a student to excel, and make good choices which are guided by positive adult interaction, please call us today to learn more about our mentoring program.


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